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Q. Why does it take so long to release drilling results?
A. The time it takes to release drilling results is dependant on the following factors:
  • Delays in arrival of drilling contractor
  • Slow or difficult drilling conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Freight time - It takes at least 1 week to deliver samples from our Koongie Project near Halls Creek to laboratories in Perth.
  • Laboratory time - High demand for laboratory services has seen turnaround time extended to 4-8 weeks depending on assay methodology.
  • Confirmation and checking - All anomalous assays received by AAR are checked and confirmed prior to market release. This could involve reassay of these intervals.
Q. Why is there so much emphasis on the Koongie Metallurgy?
A. It is not sufficient to have a defined resource. Metallurgy along with orebody shape and geotechnical issues will determine which parts of the resource can be mined. Ultimately this affects mine planning. Metallurgical results also affect the design of the plant.Metallugy ultimately determines the final concentrate product. Our testwork has determined that both sulphide concentrates from Onedin and Sandiego could be considered to be “clean” and that, where some deleterious elements were present, the amounts were only slightly above the levels at which penalties might be imposed by smelters.
Q. At what stage is the metallurgical testwork?
A. Testwork has now been successfully completed for the Onedin and Sandiego sulphide ore types and for the Sandiego zinc transition ore. The Sandiego copper transition ore metallurgy has now also been successfully completed.

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